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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 31, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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couple of days. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. welcome to fox 5 morning news. and right on time. hurricane season heating up. >> getting busy out there. >> tucker barnes is in today for tony and he has the latest. >> allison, welcome back. let's look at earl. a major hurricane, maximum winds 135 mile-per-hour, category four and the real problem today is rain in puerto rico. they are expecting a foot, and that could cause mudslides. and we get into the thursday night and friday time period and it will even impact washington. 72 degrees at reagan national. your pressure is up and another great day. if you liked yesterday you will love today. it will be hot but no rain and
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or thunderstorm activity in the forecast. in fact nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures for the next couple of days as we have the high pressure that continues to sit across the washington area. the big change from yesterday is we are under a code red air quality alert. that's unhealthy for all of us. a lot of sunshine and hot this afternoon. 95 degrees is your air temperature later today. more on earl and our five-day forecast coming up. let's get to lauren demarco with our on-time traffic. a new accident reported in maryland, 95 southbound at 212, beltsville, the left lane is blocked and reported a lot of glass. so heading down 95, watch your step and for glass in the road. also a wreck on route 50. sky fox over the scene. it is westbound or inbound route 50 after 197. you can see the two right lanes
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remain blocked with the tractor- trailer involved. we have delays from route 301, crane highway, in bound and it looks like it moved off to the good news there. now traveling 95 in virginia, delays into newington and then 395 slows from the belt up past edsel and duke street. also slow across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. back now to our developing weather story. hurricane earl thrashing its way through the caribbean. now eyeing the east coast. the mon store storm is threatening to kick up the surf along the delmarva coast just as the labor day weekend begins and sarah simmons is in the satellite center now. bad news for a lot of folks. >> reporter: it certainly is. a lot of folks want to get away. but now we have hurricane earl at a category 4 with winds up to 135 miles per hour. as you mentioned, it has torn through the caribbean,
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battering some of the islands there and now it has its sights set on the east coast. >> it gets scary out there. >> reporter: beachgoers along the east coast are dealing with potentially deadly currents. >> puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands are being impacted, mainly with tropical storm force winds. >> reporter: hurricane earl battered tiny islands in the caribbean with roof-ripping winds on monday. the threat along the east coast included in the cone of uncertainty has life guards advising. >> we are advising people not to swim. >> reporter: the national weather service said that earl will worsen the swimming conditions along the atlantic coast. >> everybody is ready and watching it and we're crossing our fingers that it won't impact the weekend. >> we need the visitors to stay on the beach, stay out of the
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water and stay safe. >> it's going to get worse. absolutely. people have to be awear of it. >> reporter: now a warning for those folks heading to virginia breach, we understand the water is rougher. the weather conditions are fine but that could expect to worsen as thursday comes along when hurricane earl is expected to have its effect on the east coast with places like virginia beach and norfolk. and those heading over to maryland beaches, you wonder what is going on there. and coming up in the next hour we'll talk with the mayor to talk about their preparations for earl. more now from ocean city where rip currents from hurricane danielle are blamed in the death of a d.c. man. melkis delgado hit the water around 7:00 on saturday night, two hours after life guards
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closed the beach because of dangerous conditions. delgado has not been seen since. he has a 1-year-old daughter and his girlfriend said the little girl will never know her father. >> she won't remember him just by pictures. i don't want that. i want him to be here for her. she deserves a father. >> coast guards spent 20 hours looking for delgado. teams searched almost 900 miles by boat and helicopter before giving up. new this morning, d.c. police investigating two shootings in southeast washington, including one that killed a man. that one happened on f. street around 1:30 this morning. last night detectives were on the scene in the 1400 block of wheeling road where two people were shot. a woman shot in the leg and a man in critical condition was also shot. two men behind bars in amer dam charged with preparing a
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terrorist attacks. suspicions were raised by $7,000 in cash, a box cutter, three large knives, a cell phone, and three more taped together. the three were identified. one is an american citizen living in michigan. his cousin said there is no way that he is a terrorist. >> it's not the same guy. he is a great guy. i would never believe he would do something this bad. >> one of the men went through security at an airport in birmingham, alabama. security officials determined that the item in his luggage did not pose a threat. he was supposed to have a layover at dulles but rebooked directly to amsterdam and then officials became suspicious. he has not been charged with any crime in the united states. we are learning about a
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roadside bomb attack. last week has been particularly deadly, 18 have died this saturday and 43 killed this month. tonight president barack obama will officially announce the end of the combat mission in iraq. it comes after 7 years at war. 50,000 troops remain on the ground to train security forces. the president wants them to leave iraq by next year. we'll carry the speech live tonight at 8:00 and stream it live on 7 minutes past the hour on this tuesday morning. two weeks to go until the primary and a new poll shows a surprising outcome in the race. >> and we'll look at the mayor's race heating up. and tucker is back with hurricane earl's path. and you might be longing for the beach, instead you could win tickets to see jimmy
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go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. ¿qué si usamos tacos más grandes? [ male announcer ] old el paso super stuffers. 33% larger shells. feed your fiesta. 7:11 as we look at stories making headlines. a heartbreaking loss for a local family as a 9-year-old girl is hit and killed while
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riding his bicycle yesterday on franconia road. the driver stayed on the scene and no charges were filed. two other children riding with the girl were not hurt. the faa is investigating a number of increases of close calls at airports across the country. some insiders blame the problem on a if you program that allows air traffic controllers to report their own errors without fear of retribution. a government safety review team will conduct another check in october. d.c. has finally settled a lawsuit over the neighborhood safety program in the trinidad section of northeast. police were allowed to question those in and out of the neighborhood and the court of appeals ruled the program was unconstitutional. now any information the police collected must be purged from court records and police data
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bases. 7:12 right now. and man, some tropical trouble. but here we are code red today. >> code red. highs 96 yesterday, high today of 95. >> i felt it. >> i felt it while sitting in traffic. we're going to start with earl. maximum winds 135 miles per hour and gusts to 160 miles per hour. so no doubt about it, this is a very serious and powerful hurricane. a bright spot is the high wall is being replaced. you see in the center of your screen, the little eye developing on the storm, it's getting smaller, that tells us the eye wall is being replaced and that means the storm not likely to get much stronger but tracking off to the north and west. plenty of warm water between here and the u.s. coastline and we'll remain a very powerful storm as it approaches the carolina coast here. and the time frame on that is late in the day on thursday, thursday night and into friday when we would start to see the
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effects in the washington area from hurricane earl. right now, in problems. we're looking at another hot and sunny day with high temperatures expected to top out in the middle 90s. currently 72 at reagan national. 60s at both dulles and bwi marshall where we are 65 degrees. our satellite radar couldn't be quieter. we have high pressure in charge and that will rule the region for a couple more days. so showers not in the forecast. and i know the farmers need the rain for the corn and tomatoes, no rain in our forecast until maybe friday. here is your five-day forecast. a lot of heat the next couple of days. >> we'll be watching it. >> thanks. let's check in with lauren deparko once again. >> we do have an accident southbound in maryland, in beltsville watch for plas across the roadway. a live look at prince george's county, a video tour at the
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beltway. no problems at arena drive. but an incident at central avenue. so good news because we're not seeing a major delay approaching us from route 50 but we'll be on the brakes approaching central avenue for the wreck. it is on the outer loop of the beltway and it is reportedly blocking the left shoulder. so we'll take a look at that in just a momentment here we are at route 4. nothing reported here. so that's good news. now we're seeing delays in both directions because of the wreck at central both on the inner loop and outer loop rub necking as well. also do want to mention that -- here it is. we lose a lane both left side of the roadway, on both the inner loop and outer loop. we do have delays past it. so very slow there, beltway at 214 central avenue. now we were following the wreck inbound on route 50 at 197. that has cleared but watch for delays leaving crane highway. also 14th street bridge, delays
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as you head in toward the district. also have delays northbound 95 into newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. president obama addresses the country tonight to talk about the winding down of the american presence in iraq and the timetable for getting american troops out of there by the end of 2011. joining us to talk about this, former defense party secretary den crossly, and philis central who specializes in issues related to afghanistan and iraq. thank you for being here. and philis, let's start with you. i don't think anybody will hear mission accomplished but what do you think we'll hear. >> i think he'll be cautious and i don't think there is any room for victory speeches here. i think he will say i promise to wind down and now i'm doing
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that and now let's talk about afghanistan. and i think that's the segway. but what we won't here is the 50,000 troops in iraq are indeed combat troops that has been remissioned with a new name. but these are combat troops. i don't think we'll hear about the 4500 special operations forces who remain in iraq, still carrying out their kill or capture work and training a new, what some iraqs are calling, a death squad of also 4500 iraqi special forces whose job will be very much like what their u.s. commander calls what we did in el salvador. so i think we'll hear very little about those things. we'll hear about the numbers are down, which is a good thing. it used to be 170,000 troops now down to 50,000. certainly that's better. is it a sign we are ending? no. because the last thing we won't hear about, because the white house doesn't want to talk
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about it, is that the agreement with iraq to withdraw all troops by the end of 2011 is subject to the whims of the iraqi government, if there is an iraqi government by that time and because that government is to dependent on the united states, the likelihood that it will indeed ask for a -- an extension, if you will, of the u.s. presence i think is very strong. the final thing we won't hear about is the cost. the cost of keeping this 50,000 troops in iraq for the next year and a half until the end of 2011 could pay for 240,000 new green jobs here at home. i don't think we'll hear that from president obama. >> seth, what is your take on this? >> i hope the president has the courage and forth rightness and honesty to admit that his predecessor, we can say his name -- george bush -- started
7:19 am
there. there are two ways of leaving a country in a state such as iraq is. one of them is vietnam and many people remember the images of helicopters and people trying desperately to get out and the other one is the way president eisenhower handled the matter with the korean war is that the combat operation creased but a force was left on the ground for security and stability and eventually democracy. and i think the far preferable way to end this with a country that is stable and secure and moving towards democracy and an anchor in the region for the sort of hopes that we have, which is the people in that area will be able to determine their fate much the way we are here in the united states.
7:20 am
>> seth, i'll stay with you for a minute. you mentioned the word success. how do you engage success in iraq over the last seven years? >> i think the most important way is the domestic political violence, although it still continues, has another is that movement towards compromise. some kind of a political accommodation. yes, there are differences between competing parties who want power there. but those differences are not being resolved by shooting and by violence. and they're closer to being resolved by compromise moderation and the kind of politics that i think we stand for and we hope for others because they make people's lives better. >> phyllis, is iraq a better place than it was seven years ago. >> the people in iraq that i
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talk to say no. i think that yes, there has been a dictatorship, that we armed and supported for many years before attacking, but the overthrow did not bring democracy or freedom. this was never about iraqi freedom. and now what iraqis are talking about more than anything else is not only the insufficiency of the government, i don't see any of the evidence of new compromises. the government has been unable to brought together in more than six months since the election, there is still elect -- electoral-based violence and what the iraqi people face, what they faced before, a terrible human rights violation. but now they have no functioning government and now they don't have what they used to have, which is wealth, electricity and water and these
7:22 am
are the basics of life in bagdad and in the outlying areas of the country where people are desperate. in the heat of a bosra summer and i've been there, it gets to 130 degrees and there is no electricity even for a fan, let alone air-conditioning. there is no clean water. this is not something i would put forward for the people of the region. iraq used to be the place where everybody in the region went for heart surgery. they had the best medical care in the region. and now the hospitals have collapsed for lack of access and because people are leaving now, we don't have the problem we did in vietnam. we saw people forced to flee. right now we have 4.5 million iraqi refugees. >> i want to make sure because we are running short on time. seth, as we look forward and when we talk about the deadline of august 31st and now with the 50,000 troops remaining on the ground, the hope is and plan was another year from now they will be gone as well.
7:23 am
do you see that as a possibility or when you talk about comparing this to a korea- type situation that we'll have a u.s. presence there much longer than a year from now. >> the more important, to answer the previous question, is that it's a large improvement. people aren't blowing each other up at the same rate they were before. violence has decreased markedly. there have been several successful elections and they haven't been without problems and reaching a compromise now is not without problems also. and as far as the future, it is up to the iraqis to determine how they want to proceed. do they want to see an american presence there? do they think that will create more stability and encourage the country toward greater stability and security, and if the answer to that is yes, i think we need to be paying attention to that.
7:24 am
we lost american servicemen and women there and to say, okay, that's it, goodbye, after this catastrophe. >> we'll have to leave it here now. thank you for coming in and chatting with us. we'll hear from the president tonight and you can watch that here on fox 5 or we'll stream it on that starts can't at 8:00. allison. >> thank you, steve. it is 7:24 right now, 72 degrees on a tuesday morning. and pepco customers get a chance to sound off and vent their frustrations after being left in the dark for days. more on what they had to say is coming up. and then we'll tell you how you can experience the sights and sounds of west africa without ever leaving washington. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. map ai
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what you hear are people who are frustrated, businesses
7:28 am
that are suffered, and a county that has simply had it. >> the reason we're all here this evening is we understand that those storms by themselves are not the full explanation. >> just a couple of elected officials there as well as pepco customers who aired out complaints about widespread power outages last night at a public hearing. some people in the dark for nearly a week and not happy with the pepco response. pepco said they have worked to have power restored in a timely manner in the future. >> well that's a good thing. >> that comes from the wicked weather. good, pepco. around here it's hot today. yesterday afternoon i could feel fall out there. >> well i saw leaves falling. >> a change on the some of the trees. nem week, the highs only in the 80s. so if you love the 90s, enjoy
7:29 am
the next couple of days as highs this afternoon mid-90s. >> my thing is, with the kids back in school, let's get cooler. >> hang in there. 72 at reagan national. allison mentioned the cooler temperatures and we're cooling off at night. a month ago our overnight lows were in the upper 70s, near 80, but currently in the low 60s. 63 out at gaithersburg, 68 in quantico. 64 as you start your morning in leonardtown. 72 in annapolis. so these temperatures will jump quickly. i think we'll be well into the 80s, and mid-90s before too long by early afternoon. like yesterday, the sunshine will burn bright here across the mid-atlantic. here is your satellite radar. clouds off to the north. this is a cold front out to the west. i mentioned that because of cooler weather for the weekend and two, we're hoping it pushes earl out to sea and keep the brunt of the storm from us on
7:30 am
thursday night and friday. so until then, very warm around here if not hot with fan temperatures in the mid-90s and lows in the upper 60s, near 70. and hurricane earl now tracking 150 miles north of san juan, puerto rico. gusts up to 160. and the problem in puerto rico is heavy rain. we are expecting up to 12 inches of rain and expecting mudslides during the course of the day. it continues to track off no to -- to the west at 13 miles per hour. and we're concerned because the track will become dangerously close to the u.s. coastline into the thursday night and friday time period. you can see by early friday morning, winds at 120 miles per hour. that's sustained winds. and that's 50 miles east of cape hatteras. so it will start to accelerate and expand pushing off to the northeast and we'll see tropical force conditions and even see tropical winds in the
7:31 am
washington area as this races off to the north and east during the day on friday. so watch earl carefully over the next couple of days. our forecast, just a hot one. 95 degrees. code red air quality. so take it easy out there. and sunny skies and no rain or thunderstorm activity for today or the next couple of days. i know it's dry and we need the rain. it's not in the five-day forecast. maybe by friday we could see some showers associated with earl or the cold front coming in here. either way cooler temperatures by the weekend. saturday only 82 degrees. that's it for the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic with lauren demarco. most of the trouble spots are in maryland. let's look at the video tour on the beltway in prince george's county as we tour around. you can see there is a serious accident at 214, central avenue
7:32 am
where lanes were blocked, both at the inner loop and outer loop. and delays after arena drive. things looking good on route 50. on route 50 we had an early wreck. you'll still find delays off and on from crane highway. want to mention 95 southbound approaching the beltway in beltsville, a wreck blocking the left lane and glass across the roadway. you can see the delays on the outer loop from route 4 toward the accident at central avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> lauren, thank you. it is something we've never seen in the district before. yesterday almost 1100 voters cast early ballots more than two weeks before the city's primary. much of the focus is on the race for mayor, pitting fenty against vincent gray. a recent washington post poll
7:33 am
shows that fenty is trailing gray and badly. joining us, the chair of political science at howard university. were you surprised to see the numbers from the post. >> yes. and the thing that is different in polling to predict is turnout. we see some turnouts that are large, that might not indicate what will happen in the final outcome for the election. but i think that the strength of the gray showing in the polls is indicated by something else that is difficult to predict which is community organizing over elections. fenty was famous for his person to person, on the street campaigning in the 2006 election. that is good when there isn't a strong community base on the other side. i think apparently gray has tapped into a range or network
7:34 am
of community organizations that makes a difference. >> we have seen the incumbent mayor now going door to door himself, saying if elected again, i will do things differently. are we seeing a bit of that in what we are talking about, his strength? >> think that is his strength, when you are running against the williams legacy, as in the case of his opponent. but when you are running with people with connections in ward 7 and 8 and supported by people like marion barry, then you see something that is influence over voters as would be the case in a opposition like one where there is no incumbent, nor on opposition that has a great deal of community wide influence. >> and we were just showing briefly some of the numbers,
7:35 am
gray leading fenty 49-36% among democrats and 53-36% among likely voters. those are the numbers we were showing you. let's talk about race when it comes down to this. because you mentioned williams and barry. it's the same thing as far as you think marion barry, you think for the people, the people being those in the wards that you mentioned, versus a fenty or williams. how big of a perception is your attitude and how much you care about the communities that are struggling? >> well i think it's obvious from the early polling and more recent polling that fenty's strengths are in the wards that are racially definable, particularly ward 3 and 2 and a large part of voters are leaning toward fenty. but the predictions reinforce the expectations for each of the administrations and fenty has not been as successful in changing that image because for the most part he's dealt with
7:36 am
people that have not done well with community and in flewen shall organizations. and michelle rhee worked without if you're not concerned about teacher unions and this is where the teachers do come. and i think we have that kind of effect on both the polling and campaign structure that is continuous. and when you look at reaction to the polling, it reinforces the images that those of us in this ward are going to be influenced by his failures or successes, looking at fenty and dealing with the racial group interest or the need of the community. >> what happens in the last couple of weeks left? >> i don't know but i can make a prediction that the critical variable will be turnout and that early turnout doesn't indicate that because turnout tends to be emphasized in wards with upper income and have a racial bias. but long run turnout would indicate if it's a high
7:37 am
turnout, fenty is in trouble. if it's a low turnout, the polls may have exaggerated the predictable outcome and fenty should do better. normally it's hard to count the bias in a district that is variable such as washington, d.c. but we can anticipate some difference in the polling. and i'm now happily doing research as a professor. >> thank you for clearing that up, lorenzo morris. we can't take away your insight which we thank you for. fenty and gray will engage in a debate on friday during the entire hour of fox 5 morning news. a poll shows that kwame brown holds a lead over vincent orange. the survey shows democrats supporting brown 47% to only's 25%. 22% of voters are still undecided at this point. in the race for the at-
7:38 am
large council seat, a support linked to name confusion. phil mendelson is running for re-election but now trailing michael d. brown who is the current shadow senator. poll has brown with 38% and mendelson with 20% and some are confusing michael d. brown with michael a. brown, who is not up for re-election this year. five metro stations will be closed this holiday weekend. your commuter news is coming up. and then the high school football season. of the week is up and that back. go to and vote for your favorite games. go to our sports page. we'll be live at the winning matchup on friday night. 
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last weekend's rallies on the national mall prompted a huge jump in metro ridership. officials said they logged more than half a million trips. that is 200,000 more riders than metro saw in the same time last year. many came downtown for the
7:42 am
reverend sharpton and glenn beck rally. five metro stations will be closed for repairs during the labor day weekend. the stations will close on friday at 10:00 p.m., reopening tuesday at 5:00 a.m. workers will be making a number of safety improvements along the eight-mile stretch of track. it is now just a couple of ticks away from 7:42 on this tuesday morning. >> while mostly they lead a private life but this morning we are learning about malia and sasha obama. new details when we come back. 
7:43 am
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7:45 am
they travel with thur father, the president, to new orleans and today we are learning about malia and sasha from their parents. they have kept their daughters off limits to the media, saying they want to keep their lives as norm as possible. but things dribbling out courtesy of mom and dad. both girls get up at 6:00 a.m.
7:46 am
to get ready for school. they both get an allowance and has savings accounts. malia wears braces and said even though she is 5'9", she is still his baby. and malias plays the flute and after her father to save the tigers. and sasha has little hip-hop moves to bust out every now and then. >> no surprise that she is 5'9" with the height of her parents. and tucker, big-time weather week. folks are watching carefully. >> thursday night into friday, earl will pass but until then we're just talking about heat. after a rather comfortable start. right now only in the 60s in the beltway. hanging out at 72 in downtown washington. still not bad. comfortable throughout much of
7:47 am
the region. 68 in fredericksberg. high pressure we've been talking about it the last couple of days. 90s all week. we're featuring 90s all week as this area of high pressure will be slow to break down. it will be a one-two combination of a cold front out to the west and hurricane earl passing to the east to break down the area of high pressure and our weather pattern will change as we get into the end of the week and the weekend. it looks like on saturday much cooler air. our highs only about 82 on saturday. we're under a code red air advisory. so that's unhealthy. and 95-degree and cooler tomorrow and cloud cover associated with earl by thursday and friday and could be breezy on friday. we'll have to watch that track very carefully. >> was it isabel where we were hunkered down in hotels covering that one? >> let's hope it doesn't come to that. >> we'll take it minute by minute.
7:48 am
and right now we need to get through traffic with lauren demarco. >> and traffic does not help you relax. but right now on the beltway in prince george's county, delays on both the inner loop and outer loop because of an accident at 214 where we have activities on the shoulders. the outer loop slowing before college park into silver spring. that's at the top of your screen at new hampshire avenue, approaching the beltway, 95 southbound and beltsville, we had an earlier wreck with some glass across the roadway so delays as well. 95 in virginia, a wreck reported, and then north through newington, 395 northbound heavy and slow from the beltway past duke street and approaching and crossing the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. students in alexandria have just a week of summer break left. >> coming up after 8:00, we'll talk to the school's superintendent about what students and parents can expect this school year. holly, good morning.
7:49 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, allison. welcome back. this morning the sights and sounds of west africa are alive this morning. and where it all has to do with a special conference going on this weekend in d.c. we'll tell you all about it and how you can sign up and have a live performance next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
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7:52 am
it may only be tuesday morning but as we like to say around here, it is never too early to start looking forward to the weekend. >> that is when -- and is it -- i'm going to let holly say it. when the annual african dance and drum conference takes place. and holly morris is with some of the participants. how do we say it? >> concorean. this is a huge event. >> reporter: people come from all over the nation to be part of the workshops that go on for three days and it is in the 27th year. and the brains behind it all is
7:53 am
isan. you do it all. >> i try. >> reporter: and you're doing a good job. tell us about the dance company. >> it was founded in washington, d.c. the company is about 35 members and then the another company, the last two years, we've been teaching the kids to come back into our community. it's free classes, music, history and dance. and this is the mom and dad of d.c. >> reporter: get out of town? mom and dads of d.c. >> that's the way you go. >> reporter: and it's what you believe in. why do you think everybody needs to know about it? >> they need to know about it. it's good therapy. a little bit healthy. we always talk about obesity, you come to me. >> reporter: you'll take care of it all. >> yes. >> reporter: you'll get me healthy and get me therapy. you're my new best friend. and learn about africa.
7:54 am
and tell me about the conference this weekend? >> it starts on the 3rd. every year we have teachers from all over africa and different parts of africa to share and a little bit of history behind africa, family values, that's the main thing to bring that unit, that working together and accepting each other and sharing things together. you can see it through concoran. >> reporter: can we see it now? >> yes. you look like you can funk a little bit. >> reporter: i can funk a lot, not a little bit. >> all right. [ singing and clapping ] [
7:55 am
drumming ] >> reporter: the 27th annual connoran dance and drum conference is going on this weekend september 3rd through
7:56 am
the 5th. it's taking place at the washington plaza hotel. the performing arts center is just hosting us this morning. the actual conference is at the washington plaza hotel. is our website. we have a link to theirs if you want to find out about registration and the different classes. and in our next hour we'll talk more specifically about the classic workshops and the theme for this year. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks, holly. 7:56 right now. chances are your e-mailin box is filling up with more and more notes that look like they are from friends but they are hackers. >> just yesterday the metro e- mail system was tacked. so how you can keep your accounts safe? we'll talk to pro coming up. and we'll talk with the mayor and getting ready for hurricane earl this weekend. coming up.
7:57 am
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pediatrician recommended pain reliever for children. plus, children's advil® brings fever down faster than children's tylenol®. choose children's advil®. relief you can trust. hurricane earl threatening the east coast this morning. the storms swept through the caribbean yesterday and continue to grow stronger.
8:00 am
possibly effecting mid-atlantic beaches, including ocean city. just ahead we'll talk with the mayor of ocean city for more advice on travelers and the latest on earl. and students in alexandria, virginia, have one week of summer break left. we'll talk about what students and parents can expect this school year. chances are your e-mail in box is filling up with notes that look like they are from friends but they are from hackers. yesterday metro e-mail alert was hacked. how you can keep your account safe? we'll talk with a prothis hour. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us. and tucker barnes joining us now, in for tony. for a moment, i doubted myself and if we were coming to, but hello. >> of course you are. >> it's a business weather week. >> we have to be concerned about earl into thursday night and friday. and it looks like it will still be a major hurricane as it approaches cape hatteras toward the end of the week.
8:01 am
let's get to vipir and show you the latest on our storm. and you can see here, now 175 miles northwest of san juan, puerto rico, winds of 135 miles per hour and gusts to 160 miles per hour and if you're into pressure, 931 milo bars. hurricane andrew back in '92 was 918 millie bars when it made landfall. and so this is a strong storm and i'll have more coming up in minutes. locally we're 72 degrees at reagan national. our humidity is 68%. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. just like tomorrow, highs back in the middle 90s, but there is nothing going on around here, just high pressure and that suppresses any cloud cover and shower activity, forget about it the next couple of days. our forecast, sunshine and hot, 95 degrees, we are under a code
8:02 am
red air advisory for all of us. take it easy out there today. >> the lower the number the worse on the millie bars? >> yes. and to lauren demarco with your traffic. >> taking a live look, pretty heavy and slow. things do move better past 29, colesville road, so maybe it's off to the side of the roadway at georgia after n. but the delays begin 95 and college park and it is rather heavy headed into silver spring. also dealing with delays in both directions of the beltway approaching 214, central avenue, because of the earlier wreck but your travel lanes are now open. 270 slowing out of germantown on to the split. 66 heading eastbound, heavy and slow from fair oaks past wafle mills toward 128. and then toward the beltway, keep in mind we do have the new
8:03 am
traffic pattern, the lane shift to the right. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. and hurricane earl moving back into open water after lashing some caribbean islands. now headed on a course to skirt the east coast. >> the monster storm is threatening to kick up the surf along the delmarva coast just as labor day begins and sarah simmons is in our satellite center with more now. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. the waters are already rough in areas like virginia beach and already rip currents have been popping up along the east coast and it is only expected to get worse as hurricane earl comes closer to our shores. >> once it grabs you, you can't do nothing about it. >> it's scary out there. >> reporter: breach-goers are dealing with potentially deadly rip currents and the blame is falling on hurricane earl. >> the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico are also being impacked by the hurricane.
8:04 am
mainly with tropical storm force winds, gust to hurricane force. >> reporter: it battered tiny islands across the caribbean with heavy rain and roof- ripping winds on monday. the storm in a cone of uncertainty has life guards scrambling. >> as you can see we're flying the double red flag today which is advising people not to swim. >> reporter: earl is likely to worsen the swim conditions along the coast. >> everybody is ready and watching it and crossing our fingers that it doesn't impact the weekend. >> we need the visitors to stay on the beach, stay out of the water and stay safe. >> it will get worse. absolutely. people just have to be aware of it. >> now at this point, hurricane earl is considered a category four storm with winds of up to 135 miles per hour. this can all change when it comes to thursday, but officials in the virginia beach area, hampton roads, urging
8:05 am
people to have their evacuation plans in place and any emergency supplies put together in a kit as well in case hurricane earl hits. back to you allison and steve. >> thank you, sarah. and joining us now is the mayor of ocean city with more on what his community is doing to get ready for a lot of visitors and stormy weather. mayor, thank you for joining us. good morning to you. >> good morning, allison. >> and so hurricane earl expected to bring gusty winds and possible winds, but this is such a big weekend for ocean city. tell me how you are preparing as of today. >> well we're monitoring the system very closely. and of course there is uncertainty as to the direct path. but now that it will be a couple hundred miles off shore will bring us winds and rain and also as you've been talking about, very rough surf.
8:06 am
so we're getting prepared. life guards are getting prepared. and up and down the beach on the four-wheel quads to make sure if we need to do anything with regard to restricting swimming for people going into the ocean, we'll be prepared to do that. >> and you talk about rough seas and you know how weather is, might be as bad or not as bad. what do you tell folks heading down this weekend? >> they are local stations such as yours can get advance information but it looks like right now the storm is moving very quickly and should arrive sometime friday afternoon and be out of here before most people are traveling for the weekend, especially those planning on traveling on saturday. so we're encouraging people to stick with their plans at this moment. if things change or the storm will cause more damage than we anticipated, we'll get that word out as quickly as possible. we're meeting with all of the city departments today and keep
8:07 am
in touch with them to make sure everything is prepared just in case. but we'll continue to monitor this very closely. but it looks like the storm will come through pretty quickly and then after that, as you've seen many times, the weather will be beautiful. >> and we've been reporting mayor, last weekend the rip currents strong and one person missing and some 2 had been people needing to be rescued. and how do you get that word out and try to keep people safe, and life guards as well, but not discouraging people to come to the festivals if they can do that. >> it's difficult to challenge. and it's just good information. and our life guard. >> as you see them as the currents come, they'll pull everybody aside and talk about rip currents. they'll do it in the morning. but unfortunately the tragic accident that happened last
8:08 am
weekend was a result of the swimmers going in water after life guards are off duty and at night. and that's just not smart. and make sure to keep your feet in the sand until the life guard is in the stand. >> and does summer winding down, this is the big weekend, september 3rd through the 5th, the labor day weekend, the year overall, has it been a good one? >> it's been a great year for ocean city. there is great tradition in ocean city. we're an easy drive to easy destinations. hopefully the storm will pass through quickly with minimal effect and we're looking forward to a great fall. so things have been good in ocean city and we'll hope they carry through this weekend as well. >> thank you very much, ocean city, maryland, mayor. >> thank you, allison. two american men arrested
8:09 am
after they fly to the netherlands. why they made a change of plans and what was if their luggage. just one week of vacation left in northern virginia. our coverage continues next when we talk with the alexandria schools superintendent. and now let's check in with kennedy, the weather dog, that is sporting a new doo. we'll check in with him later. it's not back-to-school,
8:10 am
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8:12 right now on a tuesday morning. let's look at stories making headlines this morning. dutch police picked up two men arriving on a united airlines flight from chicago after the fbi tipped them off. they were supposed to drive to dulles but changed the flight at the last minute. suspicions were raised when officials found a cell phone taped to a bottle of pepto- bismol as well as other cell phones taped together, a box cutter, knives and a lot of
8:13 am
cash. in afghanistan, four american troops were killed in a roadside bombing overnight. the last week has been particularly deadly for u.s. troops in afghanistan. 18 have died since saturday, 53 were killed this month. tonight president barack obama will officially announce the end of the combat mission in iraq, coming after 7 years at war. 50,000 troops remain on the ground to train iraqi security forces. the president wanted them to leave iraq next year. we'll carry tonight's speech live on fox 5 starting at 8:00. and it's 8:13 and it's time to check on our forecast and -- >> we'll call it the phone us factor today, because i have missed it. >> the coolness factor. >> you're right. a code red. >> good morning. let's get to it. it's time for my first 5 photo of the day. >> hi, handsome. >> this is antonio on his first day of school. >> he sure is handsome. >> his family is proud of him
8:14 am
because everyone thought he would cry on his first day of school. >> but what happened? >> but he can't. >> because he has the strength of batman. >> he's doing just fine. same can't be said for steve chenevey on his birthday. >> no. crying like a baby. >> that is really cute. >> looking happy and i'm sure he loved his first day at school. most kids do. >> spencer also had her first day yesterday. >> and it went well? >> yes. her dad cried but she did not. >> to send in your child's picture go to and antonio, i hope you have a good first day at school. 73 degrees at reagan national. temperatures back in the 60s outside of the beltway. we're bumping up against 70. in baltimore it's 70, hagerstown it's 70. ocean city is 70 degrees as well. our daytime high yesterday was 96, today right there with a
8:15 am
high temperature of 95 with lots of quiet conditions especiallied across the washington area. let's see what we can find here in the way of maps. and well we lost our last one so we'll go to our five-day forecast. today will be bright and sunny. a code red air quality alert. and that's unhealthy to take it easy out there. and tomorrow 95, thursday clouds moving in from the south and east and by friday we could have some blustery conditions as earl passes to the east. cooler on saturday. a cold front coming through friday night and right now the weekend here in washington looks bright and sunny, but with cooler temperatures. highs on saturday and sunday only in the low 80s. so this might be it for the 90s as we get into the end of the week. that's a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and lauren demarco has the latest. >> you're making me sad. i don't want to think about the summer coming to an end. a lot of people will be happy about the cooler temperatures into september. right now, if you are
8:16 am
heading along the outer loop of the beltway, you'll find delays. in montgomery county we have an accident that occurred at georgia avenue, moved off to the side of the roadway so things are looking better after silver spring. but right now slow college park past university boulevard to the left of your screen, that is the outer loop. and dealing with delays in prince george's county, approaching 214, central avenue because of an earlier wreck. into virginia right now, as you travel 95 northbound, finding delays through newington and then 395 slows from the beltway up past duke street and approaching and getting across the 14th street bridge. as you head route 50 inbound, an earlier accident at 197 is long gone. new york avenue looks pretty good. here we are at bladensberg road. everybody is running at speed headed inbound. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and if you are sad about the summer ending, imagine if your headed back to school and that's what is happening for students in alexandria one week
8:17 am
from today. parents and students have a lot to look forward. we're joined by dr. morton sherman, superintendent of alexandria city schools. >> good morning. >> it seems like a shorter time because of the storms to make up. >> we have two in the fourth week of school. they're on modified calendars. so for us the school year has begun. >> and more back in full time after labor day. >> thousands more to come next tuesday. >> what are we looking forward to this school? >> we're looking forward to creating great tradition. you remember that movie remember the titans? we've added some things to fill that title. we have a long way to go to make sure the kids get the education they deserve and the focus is the extra step, what i call raising the floor and
8:18 am
elevating the ceiling. and talking about remember the titans, you associate that with tc williams. do you build on that? how do you try to take that and turn that into a positive? >> one of our board members, when we received the label as a persistently lowest achieving school said a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. so we looked at that designation as an opportunity. the federal government came in and looked at our school, our tc williams sh the largest high school in virginia and said you're not doing as well as your counterparts across virginia and they were right. tc williams has never made the federal designation and yet we looked at this as a wake-up call, as a clear sign that we should be and could be doing well. tc williams is a great high school. let there be no mistake. we have 22 a.p. courses and less than 10% dropout rate and we would be the envy across america. but in virginia, which is a high performing state, we
8:19 am
didn't fair so well. so we looked at this as an tonight and we are entered into the work of transformation of tc williams and we've taken the federal money and we've put the money into teachers and counselors. so our math teachers are teaching four classes this year, our english teachers are teaching four classes, our counselors will have case loads of 180 students designed to create individual achievements for students and teachers. so we know where our kids need to go to perform at high levels and what we need to do to support our teachers to do the kind of work that they want to do but in some ways they haven't been able to do because of the system. >> and you were doing well at the elementary school level and new buildings and we're hearing about support for perhaps a new building in the future. >> we have a couple of buildings we're looking at. this video playing is a metaphor for the work we're doing. that's not the speed at which
8:20 am
we work. >> you wish it was. >> but it's a fascinating approach. you see a modular unit approach and not traditional construction. and so we're saying let's do cost efficient programs and kick ourselves into the 21st century and it's kind of humorous to look at it but all of a sudden we have a school. >> you have to love the results. this is a results-based thing. and we mentioned the secretary of education and he's helping you out as far as the staff and teachers this year. >> he's doing the key note speech at tc williams. and i'm sure some teachers will have some questions for him. we spoke with his office yesterday and they said he welcomes the opportunity to talk with teachers so we're looking for that and looking forward to a great school year. we have very good indicators. all of our subgroups have improved over the past two years. our achievement gaps are closing. we still haven't made ayp.
8:21 am
and we have a long way to go. but i think this is the year we'll turn the corner and show better results. >> and we'll keep our fingers crossed for less snow days this year. best wishes with the school year and to you and all of the parents and students in alexandria. >> it is 8:20 right now. five metro stations will be closed this holiday weekend. your commuter news is -- is coming up after the break. and also how you can experience the site and sounds of west africa without leaving fox 5 morning news. we'll be right back. ♪ everywhere i go
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it's knot an outage, it's an outrage. >> the commission cannot rely on pepco to fix these problems on its own. >> elected officials and customers had their complaints heard about widespread power outages at a public hearing last night. some say they were in a dark this summer and pepco's response was less than
8:25 am
adequate. pepco said they have launched a program to respond in a more timely matter. there is a investigation into the massive computer problems plaguing agencies. for five days dmv's in the commonwealth have not been able to give out driver's licenses because of a computer glitch. they are expected to be back online tomorrow. the board of elections and the tax department are still having problem this is morning. a huge jumping in metro ridership. having 200,000 more riders than the same saturday 2009. people heading downtown for the glenn beck and april sharp ton rally. and five stations on the redline will be closed for the
8:26 am
weekend. the stations will close on friday at 10:00 p.m. and not reopen until tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. again that's on the red line. workers will be making a number of safety improvements along the 8-mile stretch of track. >> it is now 8:25 and the mosque controversy is causing conflicts here in the direct. instead of heading east, why not head west to jiffy lube live. win tickets to the jimmy buffet show on thursday night. just answer this trivia question correctly. here is the question: in what jimmy buffet song did the subject have, quote, a good life all the way? was it son of a son of a sailer. a pirate looks at 40, he went to paris or changes in attitude, changes in latitude. to enter go to and find the contest on our entertainment page. you can enter and still attend. make sure and read the cob test
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8:30 am
it is 8:30 on this tuesday morning as we check stories making headlines this morning. almost 1100 voters have cast early ballots in the d.c. election two weeks before the primary. much of the focus is on the race for the mayor, pitting fenty against gray. in a recent washington post poll showed fenty trailing gray significantly. >> a new poll in the post is looking at high profile counsel rates in the race for council chair, it is said that kwame brown has a lead over vincent orange. supporters support brown 47%
8:31 am
compared to the 25% for orange. and name confusion. phil mendel sobson running for re-election. the poll has brown with 38% and mendelson with 21%. but there is speculation that voters are confusing michael d. brown with michael a. brown, the current member not up for election this year. and 8:31 and tucker joins us with a look at the hot day. >> it's going to by hot. temperatures back in the 90s. i think we've had a number of 90s for the year. >> we must have broken records. >> we're not there but it feels like it. here is good news. cooling off overnight and temperatures from the mid-60s outside of the beltway. 68 in gaithersburg. 68 in manassas. quantico has a temperature of
8:32 am
70 degrees. 72 in leonardtown and 76 in annapolis. it will be hot. back in the mid-90s today and humidityl won't be too bad and no problems with any shower or thunderstorm activity. i know we need some rain, not in the forecast, for the next couple of days but at least we won't have to deal with severe weather either. we hope the swoth will bring us cooler air into the weekend but until then we're just talking about a lot of heat around here. so 90s in the forecast today and tomorrow and right through the end of the week. let's get down to earl. still a very intense hurricane. maximum winds 130 miles per hour to gusts up to 160. and you can see it lifting away from puerto rico where they've had 20 inches of rain already. it looks like it's causing problems to the coastline of the united states. and tracking toward cape hatteras. and by friday morning, maximum
8:33 am
winds still 120 miles per hour. that's a very intensive hurricane. and we're lucky to have the potential for rain and rough seas so stay tuned into the end of the week. our five-day forecast, a one. overnight lows in the upper 60s, near 70. cloud as associated with earl and a cold front by friday and then cooler for the weekend. so this might be it. that's a look at weather. let's get to on trial traffic and lauren demarco. this could be it for swimming. >> maybe you need an indoor pool in your apartment building. you can hang out in the winter and still swim. do you have that tucker? >> yeah, you got it. >> no. okay. well right now delays on 95 and the beltway remaining heavy and slow if you are traveling in montgomery county past new
8:34 am
hampshire you'll find delays and then things pick up. slow from germantown toward the split. 66 finding delays leaving route 50 fair oaks heading toward 123 and again approaching the beltway. 95 northbound slows through newington and up past duke street and here crossing the 14th street bridge into the district. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it is 8:34 now. let's get to the latest on the controversial mosque in new york city. the developer said it should be known as a hub as coexist ens. it never occurred that a mosque would create such a big deal. this has local interfaith leaders coming together. >> they're calling for unit and understanding and they want to
8:35 am
stop the anger and fear. >> reporter: nadia el cat even is an american and muslim but lately her religion is creating her as a target. >> just threw out some words and rode on and i haven't felt that way since 9/11. >> reporter: this is stirring across the country. from the heated opposition to a mosque near ground zero in new york city, to the slashing of a muslim cab driver and the distortion of sites. >> i have to have my voice heard. >> reporter: now she's joining with other american muslim to release this announcement. >> they say you should fear me. >> effect me. >> but the truth is i don't want to take over this country. >> and i don't support terrorism. >> this is to help counter what they say is the rising tide of fear mongering. >> we are duty bound to condemn
8:36 am
these actions as americans and people of faith. >> standing in unit as muslims, a group of interfaith leaders. jews, christians and muslims coming together to denounce the hate. >> it is enough to stand up and say enough, to stand up and say no, to stay up and say we love you. >> this is a country that has always been established and always stood on the principles of religious freedom and of liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: the group's goal is to build attitudes of tolerance and respect for people of various faith. rising above the hateful rhetoric to help give everyone a chance to live and worship in peace. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. and it's 8:36. are you looking for work? if so, up next we'll reveal our job of the day. >> and then our high school season is gearing up and that means the game of the week is
8:37 am
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it is the end of an era at the university of maryland as
8:40 am
dr. cd junior is pretiring after -- retiring after 12 years on the job. he's credited with transforming the classes and elevating research funding by 150%. after a leave of absence he'll return as a professor at the university school of engineering. if you're out of work, check out our job of the day. for more information on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. an on line app is helping people tell friends and strangers where they are and is offering a virtual badge for those offering to check in. four square offers badges for those who go bar hopping to four or more places in a single night. the latest badge is part of
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mtv's get yourself test the which aims at getting rid of std testing. >> it's 8:41. chances are your e-mailin box is filling up notes that may look like they are from friends but you have to be careful. >> who has time to do this. >> how can you keep your accounts safer? we'll talk with a pro coming up good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning. and we have a special hop rock festival for you in the direct. and well you how you can do just that starting next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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8:44 am
well petro said it's e- alert system has been hacked. if you get a message to open a
8:45 am
link, do not click on it. metro said it's bogus and it is working with a contractor to correct the problem. metro hasn't said whether the agency knows who hacked into the system or why. well whether you get a suspicious e-mail from a friend or a stranger asking you for money, it seems a number of hacking e-mails have increased in our in boxes and adam poller is the director of research for the sands institute and joining us to talk about the e-scams. good morning. >> good morning, allison. >> is it just us or are these on the rise, to wreak havoc to you. >> e-mail is a great gift to criminals because they can steal money without walking into a bank and the scams are all about money. >> now i've gotten several myself, that said i'm in trouble here or you've cot in
8:46 am
with this large inheritance. but of course they're all bogus. >> and what is shocking is because you get them. and the only reason you get them is because you fall for them. a small percentage of people fall for them. we got one this morning from a person that used to be an assistant in spain saying i'm in trouble, send money. >> and it makes you get fighting mad because they're pray prey -- preying on our sensitivity to help. and chances are they are completely not. >> so they make it tougher. >> and what do we do -- if the tell tale sign always the attachment or some just when you open it up in the beginning. >> generally you don't get infected by opening an e-mail. you get infected by opening an attachment that puts something on your computer and visiting
8:47 am
an infectioned website so if you get something that you don't expect, you send a note back to the person and say something that you both know so you verify it is really that person and that they did really send you something. but it saves you a moment. >> because it could be a fame that you recognize. goodness knows where they get that name and link it to you and than -- then that's when you need to look at it and see if it's bogus. >> and the way it got the name was they infected that person. they got into the mailing list. >> is that phishing? >> that's the e-mails that ask you for information. but now it covers most of this. phishing is metropolitan to be an e-mail that says your
8:48 am
account has been closed, please fill in the information again with your credit card and they're looking for that information to take money out of your -- use your credit card to buy things. >> so we get one of these, what do we do? >> you ignore it. >> do you report it, do you -- >> there are millions every day. reporting it doesn't add anything. you just never respond to them asking them not to do something because in general they have millions of addresses and your response makes you more advicible. so don't respond. and if it is a note from the friend, you wrote back to the friend and make sure it is a note. but never click on one of those links when it comes from someone else. the worst thing happening right now is the scare-ware. and it said your machine is infected, would you like me to check your machine. and you say, yes, check it and
8:49 am
it will say you have these vulnerabilities for only $39. they're making you pay to get your machine infected. because they're just selling you something and they're not going to fix it, they are going to put extra software in your futures. and you can use a password to take money out of your bank. so the only rule that actually works is don't click on the link unless you went there yourself. if you're going to your own bank and you went there yourself and it has a link, go ahead. but if you get one in an e-mail or just looking around on the internet, don't click on it. >> just a sign of the times. we have to live with this and get smarter. >> yeah. there is one more thing you can do. and a lot of people are doing it now. if you have banking -- electronic banking, computers are so cheap now, they buy a little cheap computer and just one their banking on it and do
8:50 am
all of their e-mail on a separate computer, separating this junk that could mess up their economic lives from their actual cliff. i think we'll move more toward that. >> adam paul. thank you very much. the director of research for the sands institute. over to you. >> thank you very much. and this weekend you have the chance to experience something different. the sights and sounds of west africa and today holly is at the atlantis performing center to view the african drum conference. >> reporter: good morning. this conference is in the 27th year and this is the responsibility of the concoran dance company and the man behind all of that. thank you for joining me once again. >> thank you. i should really thank you. >> reporter: okay. i'll let you thank me. let's talk about the conference this year because you have a
8:51 am
theme that is circle of praise blessings. what does that mean? >> well the show is dedicated to one of my mentors, my friends and just to leave us in transition last april, we dedicated to the show to her. most of the work we did together. but to it back to her ancestors. she was somebody, you know, been dead for so many people. and they take so many of us back to africa in this country and want to honor her. she's a legend. and our dedication to africa and her word always, every morning, first thing she will tell you -- blessing. so we're taking that blessing to the stage this year
8:52 am
dedicated to her. >> and she was a blessing to you and many. so worthy of praise. >> reporter: and the classes are open? >> yes. >> reporter: and it's first come, first serve. >> yes. today it's all day long. >> reporter: for three days, but you need to register ahead of time. >> yes. you can go to the website to register or just walk in. >> reporter: oh, you can just walk in? >> yeah. >> reporter: so i understand there is a free dance class and drum class for children, right? >> yes. the children have to be there. >> reporter: it has to start with the children. and i think it will start with you right now. you can show us something else? >> yes i will. >> reporter: take it away.
8:53 am
[ drumming ] >> reporter: the 27th annual
8:54 am
concoran dance going on this weekend september 3rd through the 5th at the washington plaza hotel. we're at the atlas conference center because they are hosting our preview but the conference is at the washington plaza hotel. is our website. we have a link to theirs. you can preregister online or just walk up this weekend and sign up for something while you are there. coming up in the next hour we'll talk about the different styles of dance that you can participate in and learn this coming weekend. back to you in the studio. >> holly, thank you so much. and that's a good wake-up. in the news this week, a terrifying attack inside a home in georgetown. >> a woman sexually assaulted and police believe the attacker got in by taking out the window air-conditioner. coming up, how to make sure your home is protected from something like this.
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8:59 am
it heads toward the east coast. we have more on the prep for earl and whether the storm could effect your labor day plans. and also ahead, with just 50,000 troops on the ground in iraq, the president is expected to announce the end of the combat mission. and we'll look ahead to his report from the oval office tonight. and attacks in georgetown over the weekend. this weekend a woman was sexually assaulted after removing an air-conditioning unit. how to make sure your home is as secure as possible. and have you noticed the influx of credit card offers in your mailbox. banks are trying to court new customers but how do you figure out which is right for you. we'll help you filter through those applications. so a lot going on. and tucker barners is joining. >> t'


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